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TVR Youth is a charity formed by the members of Truth Virus Records. Inspired by Amanda Parkhurst and her work with Music and Magic Maine, TVR Youth seeks to plant, water, and nurture seedlings in our local music community.

The program is designed to take donated instruments despite their perceived condition, refurbish them, and get them into the hands of children across the state who wish to become musicians. A number of students within the program have benefitted from these instruments, and they believe it is a gift that keeps on giving, for years and generations to come.

The program also helps the students record at a discounted rate, find upcoming music opportunities for them to share what they have learned, hosts a youth open mic night for these children to perform for and with other members of their music community, provides discounted music lessons from members of the Truth Virus Records family, and it offers them networking within the music business.


P. O. Box 147
Dedham, Maine
Call (207) 659-2059

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